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Your day at La Roche Courbonon

Celebrate your wedding in dream conditions...


For your celebration, we offer you the most beautiful decor, whether natural outdoors or historic indoors..

Enjoy the shaded vault of the avenue of lime trees and its freshness in summer.

The 17th century theater will offer you a more intimate atmosphere and an alternative adapted to the current weather.

The cocktail

The cocktail can be served in front of the castle at the edge of the pond. An external sound installation allows the musical broadcast of your choice. Feudal halls are an immediate fallback solution.

The Renaissance terrace at the foot of the castle offers a unique view of the gardens. The grand staircase lends itself to a suitable setting for your family photo.


Let the festivities begin !

All gathered around you, outside, your guests will be able to fully enjoy the evening under the illuminated vault of the lime trees

Inside, everything is planned: The furniture, the projection wall, the ambient lighting, the caterers' circulation, the nursery and even the children's dining room.

The dance party

The theater is the ideal venue for your dance party.

The DJ will be able to maintain the atmosphere safely installed on the stage.

Outside, you will enjoy a moment of relaxation under the arch of the lime trees facing the illuminated castle.